We were very pleased to organize this 5thedition of YR2I congress. This year, we welcomed more than 180 attendees, 14 oral presentations, 25 posters, 2 presentations of our sponsors (BD Biosciences and BioTechne), 1 presentation of collaborators of Imagine (France BioTech) and 1 very prestigious guest: Dr. Philippe Charlier.


Invited speaker:

Dr. Philippe Charlier (MCU-PH)

Département de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement
Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac

“What can forensic scientific techniques bring to the study of physical and social anthropology, and also the history of art? This lecture will show how it is possible to pertinently combine social and fundamental science for the benefit of progressing knowledge; the examination of skeletons and ancient mummies, including those of famous historical figures, the analysis of artefacts (paintings, sculptures, death masks), but also virtual autopsies of pieces of first art, which permit us to better understand their method of production and their use in magical-religious ceremonies concerning death and disease. This talk will describe patient medicine in a way never before seen by the audience; it will be an atypical journey and a voyage through time, in a pragmatic sense.”

Prize awarded to:

First oral presentation: Romain Lévy
(PhD student, Laboratory of Jean-Laurent CASANOVA « Human genetics of infectious diseases: monogenic predisposition»)

Second oral presentation: Iris Nkamba
(PhD student, Laboratory of Nadine CERF-BENSUSSAN « Intestinal Immunity »)

Bests posters:

  • Louison Lallemant
    (Engineer, « Cell imaging platform »)
  • Raphaël Munoz-Ruiz
    (PhD student, Laboratory of Edor KABASHI « Translational research for neurological disorders »)
  • Audrey Desgrange
    (Post-doc, Laboratory of Sigolène MEILHAC « Heart morphogenesis »)

Best Funny pictureSandra Braz
(PhD student, Laboratory of Geneviève GOURDON « CTG repeat instability and myotonic dystrophy »)

Best Scientific pictureSabrina Méchaussier
(PhD student, Laboratory of Jean-Michel ROZET « Genetics in ophtalmology»)

Best Pitch poster: Anne Chalumeau
(Engineer, Laboratory of Annarita MICCIO « Chromatin and gene regulation during development »)

Best trainee: Marie Boisson
(Master 2 student, Laboratory of Corinne ANTIGNAC and Sophie SAUNIER « Hereditary Kidney Diseases »)


Pictures of the event : http://yr2i.org/5th-congress-of-yrii-2019

 Organizing committee:

Mathilda BEDIN (PhD Student)


Elodie DANDELOT (PhD student)

Tania GAJARDO CARRASCO (PhD student)

Anaïs JULIEN (Post Doc)



Cyril LONGE (PhD student)

Francesco MISCIA (PhD student)

Sophie RAMADIER (PhD Student)

Frances TILLEY (Post Doc)

Scientific committee:

Sofia BERRABAH (PhD student)


Andrzej CWETSCH (Post Doc)

Tristan FELIX (ITA)

Giacomo FRATI (Post-Doc)

Marie-Louise FREMOND (Post Doc)

Marion PILORGE (Chargée d’affaires partenariats industriels, service valorisation, Imagine Institute)

Marianna PARLATO (Post Doc, Intestinal Immunity, Imagine Institute)

Edor KABASHI (PI, Translational research for neurological disorders, Imagine Institute)

Antonio RAUSELL(PI, Clinical Bioinformatic Laboratory, Imagine Institute)

Sven KRACKER(PI, Human Lymphohematopoiesis, Imagine Institute)

Frédéric CAUSERET (Senior scientist, Genetics and Development of Cerebral Cortex, Imagine Institute)

Alice LEPELLEY (Post Doc, Neurogenetics and Neuroinflammation, Imagine Institute)