The afterworks are a nice opportunity to meet people of the Institute in a casual environment and have fun altogether.

They take place almost every month at the 7th floor of the Institute.

Drinks, food and decorations are provided for free by the association, but YOU are the most important sponsors of these parties. We thank you a lot to keep participating every time you come, so we can keep organizing such pleasant events.

You can help us making it even better by donating on Lydia or during the event

You want to be involved in the Afterworks organization?

You are welcome! If you have ideas about a new theme for afterworks, or if you want to organize one yourself, we will be happy to help you. You are also more than welcome to help us for the decorations before the afterwork takes place.

You can directly contact us about the organization, for any question :


Carnival Afterwork

Christmas Afterwork 

YR2I Halloween Night