Attention all!
The Olympiads are back! Come join us for sharing a friendly moment
mixing sportive and creative activities!

Join 3 days of games, from 12th of December to 14th of December,
between 12am and 1pm, at the 7th floor of Imagine.
At the end of the competition, everyone will be rewarded!

The prize-giving will take place the 14th of December, between 1pm and 2pm, at the 7th floor. To participate, create a team of maximum 6 persons, from at least 2 DIFFERENT LABS / FACILITIES / SERVICES: everybody in the institute can participate! Don’t hesitate to register alone or in smaller groups,
we will complete the teams!

For this year, same registration rules will apply: fill in the registration form and constitute a team! Don’t be shy! If you do not have a team yet we will find you one!

Click here to fill the form!

At the end of the competition everyone will be rewarded!
There will be many gifts, up to a restaurant for the best team!

Hope to see you there!