Created in 2013, a few months after Imagine Institute opening, the YR2I for Young researchers of Imagine Institute association is subsidised by the Imagine Institute.

Our missions are :

  • Gather and represent Master students, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and engineers
  • Reinforce young researchers participation to the Scientific life of the Institute
  • Organize scientific and social events to promote communications between Imagine institute members

Administrative committee 2020 – 2021


Past administrative board members:
In 2019 – 2020, the administrative committee was composed of 10 members:

  • Cyril Longé – President
  • Léa Loisay – Vice President
  • Romane Thouenon – Secretary
  • Alessandra Guasto – Vice Secretary
  • Valère Desmeure – Treasurer 
  • Tristan Felix – Communication Manager 
  • Anne Chalumeau
  • Tania Gajardo 
  • Sophie Ramadier 
  • Gwen Le Meur 

2018: Cyril Longé, Mathilda Bedin, Magda Cannata-Serio, Giacomo Frati, Frances Tilley, Anaïs Julien, Francesco Miscia, Tania Gajardo, Andrezj Cwetsch, Anne Chalumeau, Sofia Berrabah, Elodie Dandelot, Tristan Felix, Marie-Louise Frémond, Louison Lallemant, Gwenn Le Meur, Sophie Ramadier.
2017: Clarisse Ganier, Hicham Lamrini, Claire Leveau, Marie Dupont, Flavia Guillem, Carolina Uggenti.
2016: Laura Barnabei, Justine Berthet, Lara De Tomasi, Diana Dinca, Sarah Issa, Isabelle Munoz, Simon Nicoletti, Sarah Issa, Soizic Portier, Moussab Tatfi.
2015: Chiara Antoniani, Joel Babdor, Tommaso Lucchesi, Laure Delhon, Christelle Tamby, Eva Lévy, Julien Ettersperger, Julien Cottineau, Remy Rodriguez.
2014: Lucie Heurtier, Ludovic Martin, Sandrine Susini, Sophia Maschalidi, Antoine Guérin.
2013: Maéva Langouët, Laurent Jullien, Anthony Drecourt, Sonny Nguyen.