YRS – Young Researchers Seminars

Young Researcher Seminars are organized by the YR2I association with the aim to give an opportunity to 2nd or 3rd year PhD students to present their work to the labs PIs (CR and DR) in a constructive environment. In particular, this is a great opportunity for final PhD students to discuss their work in preparation of their thesis defense.

Two PhD students will be able to present their work every months. The format of the presentation has to be 20 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes of discussion. The talk can be either in English or French, however the PowerPoint presentation should be in English.

These seminars will take place in room 330 from 1pm to 2pm. And of course we provide lunch!!!!!! 😉

We invite you to talk to your PI to participate at these seminars.

Next dates for 2017-2018 are the followings:

2018 April 5th                1 slot
2018 May 17th               1 slot
2018 June 14th              0 slot

Passed YRS :
2017 November 16th: Stefani Dritsz, Post Doc & Yufei Luo, ITA
2017 December 7th: Julien Fregeac, 3rd year PhD student, Laurence Colleaux
2018 January 18th: Laura Barnabei, 3rd year PhD student, Frederic Rieux-Laucat
2018 February 8th: Marie-Louise Frémond, 3rd year PhD student, Yanick Crow

To register or if you want more informations, you can contact Marie-Louise, Magda and Clarisse that are responsible of the organization of these seminars:


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