For the 3rd edition of YR2I congress, 150 participants from all Imagine Institute were present for 16 presentations and 22 posters, but also for our 2 international guests:

– Pr. Jean-Jacques Hublin: professor of evolutionary anthropology at the Max Planck Institute (Leipzig)


– Pr Shelly Masi: primatologist at the National Museum of Natural History (Paris)


Attendees were very happy by these two talks which enable us to be opened to others field of research than fundamental biology.

Prize awarded to:

Best oral presentation 
1st prize : Vivien Beziat  – Post-doc, Laurent Abel / Jean-Laurent Casanova team
2nd prize : Akira Cortal – PhD Student, Antonio Rausell team
3rd prize : David Boutboul – Post-doc, Sylvain Latour team
Best poster award:
Frances Tilley – Post-doc, Corinne Antignac / Sophie Saunier team
Samuel Ovadia – Master student, Frédéric Rieux-Laucat team
Jean-François Le Garrec – Post-doc, Sigolène Meilhac team
Best poster pitch award:
Daniel Darby – PhD Student, Sigolène Meilhac team
Best scientific picture award:
Louise Reilly – PhD Student, Corinne Antignac / Sophie Saunier team
Funniest picture award:
Sara Goncalves – PhD Student, Corinne Antignac / Sophie Saunier team



Organizing committee:
– Clarisse GANIER (PhD Student)
– Claire LEVEAU  (PhD Student)
– Isabelle MUNOZ (PhD Student)
– Lara DE TOMASI (PhD Student)
– Marie DUPONT  (PhD Student)
– Moussab TATFI (PhD Student)
– Thuy-Linh LE (PhD Student)

Scientific committee:
– Annarita MICCIO (Team Leader)
– Anaïs JULIEN  (PhD Student)
– Carolina UGGENTI (Post-doc)
– Diana DINCA (PhD Student)
– Flavia GUILLEM (Post-doc)
– Frédéric RIEUX-LAUCAT  (Team Leader)
– Hicham LAMRINI (PhD Student)
– Laura BARNABEI (PhD Student)
– Matthias TITEUX (Senior Scientist)
– Meriem GARFA TRAORE (Platform Leader)
– Sandra BRAZ (PhD Student)
– Simon NICOLETTI (PhD Student)