The Young researcher congress of Imagine Institute 2015 – 1st edition gathered more than 200 participants: PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, engineers, researchers and lab directors. The program was composed of

– 10min oral presentations

– 5 min speed-up oral presentations. This format call on your ability to summarize your project, in a very dynamic way with the audience.

– Posters

Participants were rewarded with more than 1500 euros.

Thanks everyone for your participations!

Prize awarded to :

Best oral presentation : Fernando SEPULVEDA (Post-doc)

Best speed presentation : Tommaso LUCCHESI (PhD student)[11:02]

Best poster : Nicolas GUEGAN (Engineers)

Second best posters : Julie MERY-TAHRAOUI
Marie DUPONT (Master students)

Best scientific picture : Nabil KACI

Best funny picture : Gweltas ODYE (PhD student)

Best question: Maxence MACIA (PhD student)