The afterworks are a nice opportunity to meet people of the institute in a casual environment and have fun altogether.

They take place almost every month at the 7th floor of the institute.

Unfortunately, drink, food and decorations cannot be funded by the association, so YOU are the most important sponsors of these parties. We thank you a lot to keep participating every time you come, so we can keep organizing such pleasant events.

You want to be involved in the Afterworks organization?

You are welcome! If you have ideas about a new theme for afterworks, or if you want to organize one yourself, we will be happy to help you. You can contact us ( and explain us what you want to do. You are also more than welcome to help us for the decorations before the afterwork takes place.

You can directly contact the three people involved in the organization for any question:, and


Next event: 

Winter Sports Afterwork

February 21st, 6pm.

Chers jeunes chercheurs,

Les afterworks reprennent en 2019 et cette première session sera dédiée aux sports d’hiver !

Après la fête (très réussie) organisée par le service communication de l’institut en Janvier, nous nous devions de prendre la relève afin de tous nous aider à affronter les rigueurs de l’hiver.

Comme l’année ne vient pas sans changement, cet afterwork sera organisé en collaboration avec l’association sportive d’Imagine ! Préparez-vous à vous mesurer les uns les autres lors de nouveaux jeux, avec à la clé, un des tout nouveaux sweaters proposés par l’association YR2I !

Ces sweaters seront également proposés à la vente au début de l’afterwork (10€ pièce) !

Rendez-vous le jeudi 21 février au 7ème étage, munis de vos plus beaux atours de sportifs hivernaux. Exceptionnellement, cet afterwork débutera à 18h.

N’oubliez pas, bien entendu, de rapporter un peu d’argent pour nous permettre de continuer à financer les afterworks.


Afterwork parties come back in 2019 and this very first event will be dedicated to winter sports!

After the (successful) party organized last month by Imagine communication team, we had to carry on these events to help everyone overcome the rigors of winter.

As this year comes with changes, this event will be co-organized with the Imagine Sport Association. Prepare yourself for some sport games and possibly win as a prize one of the hoodies proposed by YR2I association!

These sweaters will be on sale at the beginning of the afterwork (10€ each)!  

See you on Thursday 21st on the 7th floor with your best winter sport disguise. Exceptionally, the event will start at 6pm.

Don’t forget, of course, to bring a cash participation to allow the organization of the next afterworks.


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To celebrate summer, this is the fresh and fruity afterwork! With ice cream and fruits, home made delicious smoothies, it’s easier to put up with the excepionally warm weather!

Afterwork theme Beach Party!

Beer club beach party englishHolidays are over, everybody’s back to work, so is the BeerClub!!! So don’t worry, we prepared for you a Beach Party to enjoy a little bit more sun!

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diapositive1This Afterwork is the best opportunity to reveal the worst side of yourself. Come disguised and show how ugly you can be.

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diapositive3We are having a « Wine and cheese » club. Let’s bring wine and cheese and share it all between us. Bread will be provided.

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diapositive4This Afterwork will be Rock’n Roll, you’ll be able to challenge your friends on the Guitar Hero game, and show how Rock’n Roll you are!

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