As every year Imagine becomes home for the Olympiads, the world renown Greek event where contestants submit to the judgment of gods! This year, we had 8 brave teams of Imagine’s Champions who participated to win beautiful gifts provided from our sponsors: Miltenyi Biotec, Imagine Institute, Tebu-Bio, and of course yours YR2I association.

The 8 teams in competition this year were: Imagines tu gagnes, IMA-JEANS, Storm Blotters, The Pumpkin Tigers, Les Gloutons, Dabadee Dabadie, Lab Zeppelin and L’équipe Imaginaire. These teams fought a lot to determine who was the best of the best, through games like lab mimicking, plate filling, falcon throwing, running flacon and a very challenging quizz (answer on the next page) on the first day. For the second day, sport games were organized by Imagine Sport Association who created tricky games to test your physical abilities as Walk on Bricks, Ball Catching and Ball Relay. And the last day we witness the creative contest, every team had to come up with a beautiful artistic artwork to continue this story: “It is a Saturday night… A beautiful night with a beautiful full moon. But unfortunately, you have to come back to the lab, because your cells are dying without you. You have a very strange feeling tonight, all streets are empty and Paris seems to be quiet… You are so happy to finally reach Imagine, here you feel safe, you feel home! But when you enter in your lab you discover… What did you discover?”  In charge of judging the artistic abilities of each team we counted with a very distinguish jury, composed by Mélissa Carballeda, Céline Giustranti, Cécile Bureau, Mélanie Dauron, Anne-Marie Laurencine and Juliette Olivré.

After a difficult deliberation and taking into account all 3 days of competition, the winners of these 3 days were:

1st: Storm Blotters

2nd: Lab Zeppelin


4th: Les Gloutons





We thank every team that took part in this year Olympiads!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we’ll see you again next year!!