Young Researchers of Imagine Institute Association


Abstract submission

During your subscription to the congress, you will be able to choose which session you would like to participate in.

For the scientific presentations (Oral and Posters), you will have to submit a scientific summary of your work (maximum 250 words in English). The abstract will be evaluated with the following criteria: scientific quality and writing quality.


Oral presentations:

Present your work and findings on our main stage.

You will enlighten us during 10 minutes of presentation (English only), followed by 5 minutes of questioning by the jury.

The winner will be evaluated on the following criteria : clarity of speech; scientific methodology; answers to questions.

Keep in mind, you are presenting to people who are not necessarily specialists of your field.



Come to see my poster : We are keeping the dynamic way of presenting the poster ! You will give us a 1 minute pitch (no more!) on the main stage as an appetizer of what your poster consist on. You are allowed to use only one slide (and only one slide!), with the title of your research and a figure or a picture to illustrate your pitch. The oral pitch has to be done in English.

Poster presentation : During the poster session, the jury will come to evaluate your poster. You will have one minute to present your work (English), followed by 4 minutes of questions and discussion with the jury (French or English). The poster has to be written in English.

We will evaluate the posters based on: clarity of speech; scientific methodology; answers to questions.


Debating is back !

As you all remember last year, we tried to create a new debating session during our congress. This year, we have completely changed the format and we hope you will be numerous to participate in this unique opportunity!

The debating will concern a science issue in society and will be in English. This year, we are not having one-on-one sessions but teams of 3 (with one leader) will be facing each other in a battle of wits! Each team will have four days to prepare for the debate, however the role you will be playing (defenders or prosecutors) will only be revealed on the day of the congress. Additional information will be communicated to the debaters in close proximity of the congress.

Register your team, convince the audience and win a prize!


Picture contest

If you do a lot of microscopy and you feel like you see unique scenarios or if your gels have breathtaking features, then this one is for you! Submit your picture to either the “funny pictures” or the “scientific pictures” contest and try to win the prize !

You can participate once in each of the two categories. Just let us know if you want to participate and in which category when you fill in the subscription. The audience will judge the picture, so the most popular picture will get the prize!



The scientific committee is qualified to refuse any abstract that does not respect the submission rules.

You can participate to all categories at the same time, if desired so.

Attending the congress is free of charge (including lunch).

For post-docs, PhD students, Masters students and ITA, subscribing to the congress will automatically allow you to join the YR2I association.

We look forward to see you there!


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